A-Service Company offers service and technical support of a wide range of digital equipment and software from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, and also extensive range of services for their implementation and maintenance.

Maintenance in service centers:

  • manufacturer authorized warranty repair and recovery working capacity of hardware and pre-installed software;
  • post-warranty and non-warranty equipment repair using original components, confirmed by A-Service company guarantees;
  • software and hardware prophylaxis and configuration;
  • equipment modernization.

Access to information resources

for registered users

  • unified system for execution and accepting of service applications at service centres
  • monitoring system and incident status control
  • knowledge base and analytics
  • database of drivers, hardware microcode updates, pre-installed software versions
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • service cost calculator and more...

Technical support and customer service


  • extended service packages of any level on the customer territory almost throughout the country in the 24/7 mode;
  • twenty-four-hour technical service, including web-site support;
  • commissioning works...


  • construction and installation work, installation supervision and laying of local area networks;
  • pre-project inspections of objects, expertise and audit of IT systems;
  • providing for use IT systems, sheet printing and document scanning...